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Bug#901465: ITP: driverctl -- device driver control utility for Linux

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Luca Boccassi <bluca@debian.org>

* Package name    : driverctl
  Version         : 0.95
  Upstream Author : Panu Matilainen <pmatilai@redhat.com>
* URL             : https://gitlab.com/driverctl/driverctl
* License         : LGPL-2.1
  Programming Lang: bash
  Description     : device driver control utility for Linux

Upstream description:

"driverctl is a tool for manipulating and inspecting the system
device driver choices.

Devices are normally assigned to their sole designated kernel driver
by default. However in some situations it may be desireable to
override that default, for example to try an older driver to
work around a regression in a driver or to try an experimental
driver. Another common use-case is pass-through drivers and driver
stubs to allow userspace to drive the device, such as in case of

driverctl integrates with udev to support overriding
driver selection for both cold- and hotplugged devices from the
moment of discovery, but can also change already assigned drivers,
assuming they are not in use by the system. The driver overrides
created by driverctl are persistent across system reboots
by default."

This tool is being chosen as a preferred utility to manage drivers by a
few projects. In the case I care about, by DPDK - so it's useful to
have it alongside it and it might even become a dependency in the next
Unless there are strong objections, I plan to upload sometimes next

Kind regards,
Luca Boccassi

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