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package not in testing due to autopkgtest of other package testing against third known broken package

Sharing here in case it is an example of a structural issue needing 
tweaking somewhere...

ruby-sass works fine.

ruby-compass previously worked fine, but is now dead upstream and 
conflicts with recent ruby-sass. https://bugs.debian.org/876608

ruby-bootstrap-sass works fine - but autopkgtest-depends on ruby-compass 
which stopped working when ruby-sass declared breakage with ruby-compass 
- and I noticed only now that effectively recent ruby-sass didn't enter 

I now did an NMU simply disabling ruby-bootstrap-sass autopkgtest parts 
related to ruby-compass.

How could I have known ahead about that autopkgtest-depends? 
"build-rdeps ruby-compass" doesn't reveal ruby-bootstrap-sass as a cause 
for trouble.

Can we improve some infrastructure to better catch situations like this 
in the future?

 - Jonas

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