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Re: packages which have not been rebuild since December 2016

Hi Chris,

On 01-06-18 16:32, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>>> (Full output of following script attached.)
>> Would it be easy to run dd-list on this and share that as well?
> Attached, but…


>> Just in case people care enough to help with rebuilding their
>> own packages (like I would)
> … wouldn't we just binNMU these? Or possibly; would knowing a package
> tha you maintain was on this list cause you to perform an regular
> upload you would not normally have done...?

It helps to spot things. I notice:
   siridb-connector (U)
which wasn't even in Debian until February this year. Your original list
siridb-connector needs rebuild (no .buildinfo)

So apparently the (binary) build that I uploaded (this is still the only
upload) didn't contain the .buildinfo. That makes at least your subject
(in this case) ambiguous. True, the package hasn't been rebuild ever,
but maybe some have but are lacking the .buildinfo due to tooling issues
we had/have? Maybe we need to fix those first?

Another thing, you probably thought about it, but if we care for the
buster release, why not use testing instead of sid? Are you afraid stuff
starts moving to testing suddenly?


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