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Re: DEP-8 pseudo-restriction "hint-dpkg-testsuite-triggers"

(dropping #901804 again)

Paul Gevers writes ("Re: DEP-8 pseudo-restriction "hint-dpkg-testsuite-triggers""):
> On 18-06-18 18:19, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > How about "more likely" ?  Or "are considered to pose a risk of
> > regressions" ?
> Fine. I like the second one better.


> > If there are better alternatives that are likely to be deployable soon
> > then I'm all ears...
> Considering your description above I give you the following alternative
> suggestion: make a gnupg1 specific test, where you install gnupg instead
> of gnupg2 and verify that it works also that way. For a while I was
> testing my package dbconfig-common with both MariaDB and MySQL servers
> (neither of which are my (indirect) dependencies as the server may run
> on a different host).

What, do that and add the gnupg direct dependency to all the other
tests ?  But then I have to do more work if and when gnupg1 is
removed.  Worse, that will show up as a regression...

I do think I want a thing to _just_ trigger tests, without changing
how they are run, or causing other kinds of lossage.

> >  * patch/diffutils:
> I started writing in my previous mail a proposal about you helping your
> dependency to create a good autopkgtest to cover your use case. I
> deleted that. Seems like I should have left that in. :)

Yes, well, that woudl be lovely, but it's a lot more work (both
sociopolitical and technical).  My current proposal is quite easy from
both points of view.

So I think I'll update my proposed text and file a bug against
autopkgtest asking for this new hint restriction to be documented.


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