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Re: package not in testing due to autopkgtest of other package testing against third known broken package

Hi Jonas,

Just to start with, my message may sound harsh, it is meant to explain

On 12-06-18 17:00, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Sharing here in case it is an example of a structural issue needing 
> tweaking somewhere...
> ruby-sass works fine.


> ruby-compass previously worked fine, but is now dead upstream and 
> conflicts with recent ruby-sass. https://bugs.debian.org/876608
> ruby-bootstrap-sass works fine - but autopkgtest-depends on ruby-compass 
> which stopped working when ruby-sass declared breakage with ruby-compass 
> - and I noticed only now that effectively recent ruby-sass didn't enter 
> testing.

Yes, but this has nothing to do with the package not migrating. That
would only account for 10 days, just like the excuses say. In this case,
it wasn't migrated before we turned the code on to test autopkgtest.

> I now did an NMU simply disabling ruby-bootstrap-sass autopkgtest parts 
> related to ruby-compass.

That will not help ruby-sass migrate, as the problem lies elsewhere:
trying: ruby-sass
skipped: ruby-sass (5, 5, 102)
    got: 46+0: a-3:i-42:a-0:a-0:a-0:m-0:m-0:m-0:p-0:s-1
    * i386: ruby-compass, ruby-compass-core, ruby-compass-import-once
I think you want to ask for removal of ruby-compass* from testing.
Britney refuses to update ruby-sass in testing because the amount of
installable packages will go down if it does.

> How could I have known ahead about that autopkgtest-depends?

You can search for Testsuite-Triggers in the Sources file if you really
want to. But for new regressions that occur, rest assure that they will
be detected and will be acted on.

> "build-rdeps ruby-compass" doesn't reveal ruby-bootstrap-sass as a cause 
> for trouble.
> Can we improve some infrastructure to better catch situations like this 
> in the future?

You had to search elsewhere, you found a red harring.


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