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Versioned dependencies and maintainer scripts


I'm adding dh_installsystemduser to debhelper, to support user instance
systemd units, similarly to what dh_installsystemd does for system
unists. For doing so I had to extend deb-systemd-helper from the
init-system-helper package to handle user units. User units support will
hopefully be released with the next release of init-system-helpers.

Packages that will use dh_installsystemduser will have maintainer
scripts that will depend on the next relese of init-system-helpers.
dh_installsystemduser will then inject a versioned dependency using the
${misc:Depends} substitution in debian/control.

Is that enough to ensure that postinst and postrm maintainer scripts are
run with the right version of init-system-helpers available?  Should I
be using Pre-Depends instead?



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