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Bug#900684: ITP: octave-queueing -- Queueing Networks and Markov chains analysis for Octave

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Rafael Laboissière <rafael@debian.org>

* Package name : octave-queueing Version : 1.2.5 Upstream Author : Moreno Marzolla <moreno.marzolla@unibo.it> * URL : https://octave.sourceforge.io/queueing/ * License : GPL-3+ Programming Lang: Octave Description : Queueing Networks and Markov chains analysis for Octave

The queueing package provides functions for queueing networks and Markov chains analysis. This package can be used to compute steady-state performance measures for open, closed and mixed networks with single or multiple job classes. Mean Value Analysis (MVA), convolution, and various bounding techniques are implemented. Furthermore, several transient and steady-state performance measures for Markov chains can be computed, such as state occupancy probabilities, mean time to absorption, time-averaged sojourn times and so forth. Discrete- and continuous-time Markov chains are supported.

This Octave add-on package is part of the Octave-Forge project.

This package will be maintained in the realm of the Debian Octave Group. A preliminary version of the package can be built using git-buildpackage from the repository https://salsa.debian.org/pkg-octave-team/octave-queueing.git

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