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Re: concerns about Salsa

Quoting Pierre-Elliott Bécue <becue@crans.org>:
I've always found otherwise, ie that packaged stuff makes the administrator
of a service spare a lot of time.

Same here, but it's a matter of taste and requirement diversity.

I wonder then, if a lot of people prefer deploy a service from upstream's
git repo/cookbooks, what is the purpose of packaging? Who would benefit from
it and who should use package-distros?

 - those who do not have the (e.g. programming language)
   skills to change code anyway
 - those who do not want to compile code, if applicable
 - those who like to let the distro care about dependencies
 - those who administrate multiple services and like to see
   everything in "dpkg -l" etc.
 - those who like to go with the distro release cycle
 - those who like the distro do DFSG compliance work

Having gitlab etc. packaged in Debian makes a lot of sense,
but it does not mean "eat your own dogfood" is the best rule
for the specific case of salsa.d.o.


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