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Re: Bug#899299: libu2f-udev: Post-inst script should make udev reload rules

On Jun 04, Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org> wrote:

> Is this synchronous, or does one also need a call to "udevadm settle"? I
> had a problem with kpartx where the loop devices were not available
> after the package was installed, likely because of a race. I wonder if a
Yes, events in udev are asynchronous no matter the origin (kernel or 

> feature request would make sense to integrate udev with debhelper so
> that the correct snippet could be generated for various packages'
> postinsts instead of everyone who ships a rules file hand-rolling it. Of
> course if people actually need to write complicated rules to select the
> rules to re-trigger, that seems much more difficult to do...


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