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Re: Status of wvstreams

I'm forwarding this to d-devel@ to reach a broader audience since my
initial email received no feedback.


wvstreams has a RC bug due to the openssl transition. There seems not to
be any upstream activity, the last commit on github was from 2011. It
has one reverse dependency which is wvdial.
wvdial itself saw its last upload in 2012. I can't reach upstream's
homepage (alumnit.ca).
I was surprised to see that gnome-ppp depends on wvdial. The gnome-ppp
package looks dead, too. Last upload moved the package to QA in 2017 and
the upload before that was in 2012. The homepage link which is mentioned
in #846802 does seem not to have anything to do with the package.

So. wvstreams looks dead to me and I don't think it is worth fixing (I
haven't look at how much work it actually is). Its popcon is dropping
and I think that it comes from wvdial. I never used wvdial myself[0] but
I think NetworkManager should be able handle it.

Is anyone supporting or objecting the removal of wvstreams and its two

[0] Neither with pppoe nor with a UMTS did I need a frontend. I might
    miss something.


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