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Re: path to gitlab upstream

On 02/06/2018 15:25, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> That tells me that a Merge Request has a better success ratio.
>> Also that it is wise to keep notes of the MR number  :-/
> I doubt it would be sensible for me to (probably incompetently)
> reimplement the feature that the proprietary Gitlab EE has in this
> area, and then send the result as an MR against Gitlab CE.  It seems
> more likely that enquiring politely in advance would be well-received.
> Does anyone think I am wrong about that ?

Inquiring first seems like a very sensible thing to do. Maybe they could
even suggest a way to implement the functionality by some kind of hook
or something without directly modifying upstream code (or maybe they
will be glad to implement the ability to do so).

I ran in to issues with wanting to change the favicon too for salsa,
because I have way too many different gitlab tabs and they all look the
same and there's no sensible way to change it for salsa right now (I
tried out a bunch of regexes to do it in the reverse proxy but after an
hour or so I decided to rather get some pizza).


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