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Re: RFR: email about regressions


On 20-06-18 01:31, Ian Jackson wrote:
> AFAICT we had consensus that by default both the delayer and the
> delayee should get mails about test failures.  But I don't think that
> is implemented yet.

It is, but not fully automatically due to transitions not being handled
properly yet (working on it). I use my script on a more than daily basis
and if I have time, I email manually with more information (after
looking at the situation). If time is limited (e.g. too many new
regressions) or I really don't understand the situation I just have the
script email out.

> I recently found out rather late that a test had failed which was
> important to me.

git and dgit, right? Why you call that late? git was uploaded yesterday.

> I have some questions:
> 1. Has anyone implemented this for themselves and if so can I
>    crib yours ?

tracker.debian.org does that and uses it to generate an RSS feed you
could subscribe to. I use that for a long time already.

> 2. Is there a way to get this information that does not involed
>    either (i) screenscraping or (ii) pratting about with API keys
>    for an operation which reads a small amount of public data ?



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