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Re: concerns about Salsa

On Monday, 4 June 2018 11:25:41 PM AEST Alexander Wirt wrote:
> Please don't expect us to ever switch to packages - that will not happen.

That's an interesting statement. Why?

Do you think Praveen did all the enormous effort of packaging GitLab for 
nothing? Do you reckon that packaging software adds no value?

I understand trade-off between stability of a package versus convenient 
volatility of git repository that you can patch at your own discretion.
Yet I think that official Debian service ideally should be based on official 
Debian package and that service administrators should be working together 
with package maintainers, helping each other.

It is not viable to install everything from git. So how would you chose when 
to use packages and when to use git?

What about "gitaly"? This particular component of GitLab is written in Golang 
and it needs to be built from source. Why do you compile "gitaly" from source 
Gentoo-style instead of using properly built Debian package?

What makes Salsa so special to say that using properly packaged components 
from "main" is inappropriate?

"This will not happen" is a strong statement. Is packaging software for 
Debian so hopeless that there is nothing GitLab maintainers could ever do to 
make you change your mind and embrace work of fellow Debian developers?

 Dmitry Smirnov.


Our difficulties and our dangers will not be removed by closing our eyes on
        -- Winston Churchill

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