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An "other-stuff" page "Raúl M. Silva": GNU/art 2000 security announcements abbrevs used for country names Adding more content to Debian Adding more miscellanea to developer pages Re: Another Debian vendor in Brazil. Bad info on Bad links in the web pages Re: broken distributor Bug#42959: marked as done ( Broken link on Bug#45044: marked as done (bug report) Bug#47484: marked as done ( faulty rendering with "not available" packages) Bug#48933: marked as done (Searching the curl package produces outdated results) Bug#49523: marked as done (web-support for extracting GnuPG key) Bug#49794: marked as done (Descriptions of unavailable dependencies are wrong.) Bug#50249: marked as done (Wrong logo images) Bug#51474: marked as done (package ircii available on both main and non-us) Bug#51474: package ircii available on both main and non-us Bug#52129: marked as done (Broken copyright and changelogs) Bug#52354: marked as done (No changelog & copyright info available in software packages page) Bug#52673: marked as done (iglooftp: iglooftp is listed on the webpage but it doesn't download or apt-get) Bug#53264: marked as done (Mailing list search broken for deity list) Bug#54095: trn wrongly listed as non-free Bug#55916: Link at to broken Bug#55916: marked as done (Link at to broken) Cainux - Debian Vendors Page Re: CD vendors Re: CD Verkaeufer Compuclick Ltda - Debian Vendor Page Re: Compuclick Ltda - Debian Vendor Page, Para Craig Small CVS access method change DataClub - Debian Vendors Page Debian CD Vendor Page - broken link Re: Debian WWW CVS: treacy Don't touch master's web space!!! Formway - Debian Vendors Page not rebuilt? Re: language names language_names Libranet?? Re: LINUX distribution on development harddrives. List Archives thought Looking for feedback - improving the site, translation process and wml setup Mailing Lists Archives Re: MetroStar Systems Mirror List? MNIS - Debian Vendors Page new CD vendor (was: Re: COLABORATION DONATION) Re: New CD vendor in Norway! New pages on working on the website No build? noticed while building the web site Notyfing the users of old translations OOM Web Stuff Re: Permitting more than one account per translation Please don't write of MhonArc too soon. Re: Problem with romanian/News/weekly/index.wml Processed: reassign 51474 Processed: reassign 54095 trn Processed: this is removed from ftp.d.o, and not www.d.o Proposed change in how the templates are handled README on how to translate only news titles Re: Resellership Re: Reselling CDs Re: search function Some translation version numbers need to be increased Re: Sorting on country names Sorting on country names [was Re: Debian WWW CVS: treacy] spam on lists a SPI page is borked SPI Website broken That cx dude TODO web page ? Re: unusable link - port of Hurd to PowerPC Up-to-date check failing Using tools to coordinate translations runs LDAP now Re: Vendor list Vendor pages (Re: noticed while building the web site) Volunteers needed: DE -> EN translation website's debian logo Re: When you going Public??? (fwd) Re: Where have Debian Linux ISO image file? Will wml overwrite static pages? Re: WordNet entry correction Y2K :((( Y2k :-) y2k compliant wml installed on master - all the pages being rebuilt Y2K Doomsday Idiots y2k problem with wml Y2k problems with lists archives The last update was on 06:00 GMT Sat May 11. There are 204 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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