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Notyfing the users of old translations

	This was a thing I left unattended since I was on military service
but I *really* want it to include it in Debian's web site and now that I
know more of wml I think it is the time.

	I would like to receive any opinions on whether or not this is a
good idea.
	Best regards



PROPOSAL: Notify the user when is looking at a document translated quite
some time ago

REASON: Currently there are quite some web pages translate with some
translators keeping them more up to date than others, thus, many non-english
speaking users can get to a page that is too out of date and might receive
a bad impression/wrong information on Debian.
	Imagine for example that the information on distributions is not
updated in, for example, german, and a German publisher looks and sees that
Debian has not released Debian 2.0 yet (just and example) and was due 2
years ago.

IDEA: Add some perl code to the wml template so that all pages that
currently use the <!-- translation X.X --> used by check_trans.pl also are
checked at compilation time in order to notify user if neccesary.

EXAMPLE CODE (file translation-check.wml called as
#use wml::debian::translation-check translation="1.1")


sub check_translation {
# Checks the current document (translated) with its original
# version, receives as input the name of the document and
# the CVS version it was translated from.
# Use it this way 
# #use wml::debian::translation-check translation="X.xx"
# instead of  <!--translation X.xx-->
# TODO: modify check_trans.pl to recognize also this call

my ($translation, $file) = @_;

# This is the maximum difference between a translated
# document and the original before printing the warning
$max_versions = 5;

# This is the directory where the original source is kept
# maybe it could be a parameter, since sometimes the original
# language is NOT english
$original_dir = "../english";
# TODO: Should do error checking here if file does not exist...
open (MAKE,"<Makefile");
# We could also do this same grepping ?faster?
# Or we could use also $WML_SRC_DIRNAME and then cut out to the root
while ($line = <MAKE>) 
        chomp $line;
        if ( $line =~ /^WMLBASE\s*=\s*(.*)/ )
                $wmlbase = $1; 
        if ( $line =~ /^CUR_DIR\s*=\s*(.*)/ )
                $current_dir = $1; 
        last if $wmlbase and $current_dir;
close MAKE;

# Now read the original CVS file in by opening $wmlbase/$original_dir/$current_dir/CVS/Entries
# It has to go "back" to the root dir and the "forward" to the same dir we are in
# but in the language dir.
open (CVS_ENTRY,"<$wmlbase/$original_dir/$current_dir/CVS/Entries");
while ( $line =<CVS_ENTRY> )
        chomp $line;
        print "Reading $line \n";
        if ( $line =~ /\/\Q$file\E\/([\d\.]*)/ ) {
                $version = $1;
        last if $version;
# TODO: Should check if version not found (maybe yell?)

# Here we compare the original version with the translated one
# and if their last numbers are too further apart report
# to the user

# TODO: Also check major number
if ( $version =~ /\.(\d*)$/ )
{ $last_number = $1; }
{ print STDERR "CVS Entry $file version number not as expected: $version not
in expected format\n";
  return 1;
if ( $translation =~ /\.(\d*)$/ )
{ $last_translated_number = $1;}
{ print STDERR "Call to the subroutine has not been made as expected:
$translation not in expected format\n";
  return 1;
print "Comparing original $version to translation version $translation\n";
print "Comparing minor $last_number to minor $last_translated_number\n";

if ( $last_number - $last_translated_number > $max_versions ) 
# TODO:This should be printed using tags in order to tell the
# user in his language
        print "<B>This translations is too out of date<B><BR>";
close CVS_ENTRY;

#The call to the subroutine is done here
<: check_translation ($(translation),"$WML_SRC_FILENAME)" :>

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