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Re: 2000 security announcements

On Tue, Jan 11, 2000 at 01:10:23PM +0100, peter karlsson wrote:
> > Can someone tell me what I missed in order to get the security/2000/
> > directory to build?
> To add the 2000 directory to the SUBS variable of the Makefile in the
> security directory, and make it depend on the 2000 files instead of the 1999
> ones. I have now done that.
> Idea; perhaps we should set "YEAR=`date +%Y`", or something, in the
> top-level makefile, and use that instead of hard-coding it?

Yup. I just updated the Makefile in /, which also depends on the
security dir/year. Anyone know of any others? The only problem I see
with updating the year automatically is making sure that we properly
handle the case where nothing's been done that year. (E.g., there is no
news/2000 at the moment.) Probably not a big deal.

Mike Stone

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