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Re: y2k problem with wml

James A. Treacy wrote:
> There is a y2k bug in the version of wml on master that has kept the
> web pages from updating in the new year. The variables $WML_GEN_ISOTIME
> and $WML_SRC_ISOTIME compute the year incorrectly. 'print STDERR
> 03-01-19100 10:09:58
> It is a common misconception that the year is returned as 2 digits,
> when it is given as the number of years since 1900.
> I have doctored ctime.wml to check for a year > 19000 and fix it in
> this case. Since the pages compile fine at home, I suspect this has
> been fixed in a more recent version of wml (master runs slink).

Can you dig into this so we can get an updated version of wml for
the next y2k fix of slink



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