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TODO web page ?


During the developpement of potato, deadlines were missed because
critical jobs were not ready on time (for instance boot disks) and
jobs like tasks- packages were not finnished before the freeze.
To my mind, apart from the WNPP page , there is no central place
where we can see the current status of the distribution. (Unless
I don't know it ... )

I think It would be a good idea to maintain a dedicated web page
listing objectives and improvement ideas (discussed on -devel or -project)
for the next release that could be periodically updated. I
think Raphael Hertzog did something like that in qa.debian.org.

It could be a kind of TODO list, with people working on and also
Calls for Contributions on critical jobs, so everyone could be
informed about what's to be done, and easily contact the right
person that coordinates the project.


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