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Re: CVS access method change

On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 03:04:25PM -0500, James A. Treacy wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 20, 2000 at 07:30:21PM +0100, Marcin Owsiany wrote:
> > Hi!
> > Once you asked translators to change to using ssh to access CVS.
> > I have a difficult network situation (behind a firewall) and i am making
> > some tricks to get access to the repository, so needed some time to check if
> > I would be able to use CVS after changing the method.
> > 
> CVS over ssh is only for translators who are also developers. A
> 'finger Marcin' on master does not show you as having an account
> so I assume you aren't one. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

No, I'm not a developer.
Now that i've read the message one more time, I see that it I had
misunderstood it.

It said
A number of developers have accounts for accessing the Debian web pages.
Could you switch to using cvs over ssh? Simply send me mail and I'll
delete you password and add you to the debwww group on va.

And I thought that this was said to all the translators and that adding to
the debwww group would be sufficient to use the SSH method.

Anyway, never mind. Forgive my mistake



Marcin Owsiany

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