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Re: Don't touch master's web space!!!

On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Darren O. Benham wrote:

> DO NOT run the update and all web updates have been disabled..  The
> checked-out archive is being copied to a new disk.  Debian admin will
> inform us when everything is ok.


Just so you know, the rsync job to fix up the copy after 'cp -a' took a
full half hour to complete and had evil rsync processes like this:

root      1367 19.1 16.1 42628 41784  p1 S    01:32   5:17 rsync --delete
root      1368 17.1 15.8 41840 40980  p1 S    01:32   4:44 rsync --delete
root      1566 37.6 30.9 80608 79780  p1 R    01:42   6:30 rsync --delete

A couple of these evil jobs runs every day to copy the web site around :|

So.. you have your own partition now, 6.5G big with 800k inodes - don't
fill it!

The rest of the disk is being reserverd incase we need to move parts of
the archive off the other drive (that would be unbelievably bad)

I will erase the web archive /debian2/web.old perhaps on monday - unless
we need space sooner :>

The next crisis on the list is ftp.d.o being out of space :<


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