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Re: website's debian logo

I'm a little confused.  FYI, I did go through with Raul last month and
update the 'logos' directory:

1999-12-10 21:31  adam

        * index.data, index.wml, officiallogo-nd.eps, officiallogo-nd.fig,
        officiallogo-nd.pdf, officiallogo-nd.ps.gz, officiallogo.eps,
        officiallogo.fig, officiallogo.pdf, officiallogo.ps.gz,
        openlogo-nd.eps, openlogo-nd.fig, openlogo-nd.pdf,
        openlogo-nd.ps.gz, openlogo.eps, openlogo.pdf, openlogo.ps.gz:
        update for new images; correct some of the heinous aspects of the
        web page

1999-12-10 18:48  adam

        * index.data, officiallogo-100.jpg, officiallogo-25.jpg,
        officiallogo-50.jpg, officiallogo-75.jpg, officiallogo-nd-100.jpg,
        officiallogo-nd-25.jpg, officiallogo-nd-50.jpg,
        officiallogo-nd-75.jpg, openlogo-100.jpg, openlogo-25.jpg,
        openlogo-50.jpg, openlogo-75.jpg, openlogo-nd-100.jpg,
        openlogo-nd-25.jpg, openlogo-nd-50.jpg, openlogo-nd-75.jpg: Raul's
        revised version; from the source

Is there anything else that needs to be done?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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