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Re: language names


Yoshizumi Endo wrote:
> I think "character entity reference" (include "numeric character
> reference") is enough useful for the problem, so I think appending
> ASCII is verbose.

I think you explained well that native characters should be written 
in "character entity reference", but I think you don't explain enough
the reason why we should not append ASCII expression.  (You wrote
it is "verbose".  I think it is too weak to be a reason against
"to avoid to be displayed destroyed", that is, "to be read".)

> IMHO, if somebody doesn't think so, they had better first make an
> effort to improve browsers which can't handle properly "character
> entity reference".

It is needless to say that such efforts are needed.  However, a web
page should not choose web browsers.  

I hope all major web browsers will support "character entity
reference" in a few months or in a year.  Then we can omit ASCII
expression.  Until then we need ASCII expressions (native language,
English is also OK).

Tomohiro KUBOTA <kubota@debian.or.jp>

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