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Re: language_names

On Sat, Jan 08, 2000 at 12:44:31AM +0900, Yoshizumi Endo wrote:
> "James A. Treacy" <treacy@debian.org> writes:
> > > Also, "character entity references" can handle multibyte-characters
> > > with ISO10646 code set.
> > > 
> > >   Japanese (Chinese characters) -> &#x65e5;&#x672c;&#x8a9e;
> > >   Chinese  (Chinese characters) -> &#x4e2d;&#x6587;
> -snip-
> > One thing that confuses me (which may simply be a symptom of a
> > greater misunderstanding): will this work when the translations are
> > encoded using their native charset, e.g. iso-8859-1? My impression was
> > that the pages would need to be encoded entirely in something like
> > ISO10646 for this to work.
> Yes, this (which is called "numeric character reference") works
> independent of the charset of pages too.  It is not necessary to
> change the charset currently used in any pages.
> I think that to use "character entity references" and "numeric
> character reference" is a simple method to actualize multi-lingual web
> page at the moment.
I wish you were here when we were originally discussing this. :)

If we do this, we should add some information on sources for fonts
and how to get a browser to recognize them. Any pointers? Even
better would be if you could write up something for us.

James (Jay) Treacy

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