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Re: language_names

"James A. Treacy" <treacy@debian.org> writes:

> > Also, "character entity references" can handle multibyte-characters
> > with ISO10646 code set.
> > 
> >   Japanese (Chinese characters) -> &#x65e5;&#x672c;&#x8a9e;
> >   Chinese  (Chinese characters) -> &#x4e2d;&#x6587;
> One thing that confuses me (which may simply be a symptom of a
> greater misunderstanding): will this work when the translations are
> encoded using their native charset, e.g. iso-8859-1? My impression was
> that the pages would need to be encoded entirely in something like
> ISO10646 for this to work.

Yes, this (which is called "numeric character reference") works
independent of the charset of pages too.  It is not necessary to
change the charset currently used in any pages.

I think that to use "character entity references" and "numeric
character reference" is a simple method to actualize multi-lingual web
page at the moment.

Yoshizumi Endo <y-endo@ceres.dti.ne.jp>

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