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Re: New CD vendor in Norway!

Espen Vestre said:
> We are not the same company. LiNUX Butikken www.xperiment.net is not the 
> real Norwegian Linuxbutikken. (butikken is store in norwegian).
Hmm ok, You're on there as Linuxbutikken Online in Norway.

> We are also willing to make a donation next month. We will give you the 
> hole profit of our Debian sale for january.
That's nice, you can look at http://www.spi-inc.org/ to see how it's
done. Make sure you mark it as "for Debian" as SPI does lots of 

> There are a change in what you wrote: We send to all of the northern 
> country (Sweden, Denmark and so on).
I've marked that as "some countries".

  - Craig

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