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Re: Reselling CDs

D L L said:
> I just want to confirm some things on this subject so i have no legal
> troubles.
> I am a VAR who wants to sell Debian Pre-installed on Computers using the
> Official Debian CD image.
> Am i able to just make CDRs of the Official Debian CD image from your
> ftp and then use them to install Debian on computers i build and resell
> the to the public.
> That is id be selling computers w/ Official Debian Pre-installed.
> Is there anything extra i need to do, like contact someone?
> Please respond soon, your response is greatly appreciated.

No, there is nothing much you have to do, just download away!
Please read http://www.debian.org/distrib/cdinfo

When you get setup, you may want to email back webmaster@debian.org
with your details to appear on the pre-installed list, found at

Of course, that is optional.

  - Craig

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