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MNIS - Debian Vendors Page

  Your entry in the Debian Vendors Page says you are a reseller for the
Debian Official CD.  However looking at your webpage I see that it looks
like you have your own distribution based upon Debian.

This is fine, but we like to be as accurate as possible.  If you do sell
the Official CD, can you give me a link to the page it is on.  If not,
we will change the description to "vendor release".  This is for the
description of your entry at http://www.debian.org/distrib/vendors

 - Craig
 1/Xth Debian webmaster
Craig Small VK2XLZ, PGP: AD 8D D8 63 6E BF C3 C7  47 41 B1 A2 1F 46 EC 90
Eye-Net Consulting http://www.eye-net.com.au/     <csmall@eye-net.com.au>
MIEEE <csmall@ieee.org>              Debian developer <csmall@debian.org>

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