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Re: Looking for feedback - improving the site, translation process and wml setup

> Since this will involve doing quite a few changes to the existing setup,
> this would be a good time to implement other changes. I am asking
> for suggestions of things that people would like to see added or changed
> that will improve the site or quality of translations, or simply make the
> job of the translators easier.

	Well, I think it will be user friendly to tell the readers when
translators are not updated. I have not received any comments on my
translator-check (which BTW I sent in after I got in military service four
months ago). But I think this could be used instead of the 
<!-- translation xx.xx --> currently used (which is simple to change in the
perl programs that check the translation) and add more information for
	Other ideas are:

1.- the DDP should be moved into the site (not where it currently is since
it is neither mirrored nor easily accesed)

2.- the DDP should be adapted to allow for translations (there are currently
some translated documents sitting on CVS but not visible on the web site

3.- we should give *priorities* to the information on the site, so translators
can easily know where to focus first or what to keep more track off.

4.- In order for translators to easyly coordinate their efforts with
volunteers there should be tools for them to control/coordinate the
translations of documents.
	I'm surprised to see that the Debian translation coordinator has
set up (http://www.debian.org/~clebars/docs.html) a nice page to coordinate
the effort... ¿could this be reused for other languages?
	I now the Japanese coordinator is also working hard... could we have
something that we could all reuse in debian/international ?

	Well.. this are some ideas 


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