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Vendor pages (Re: noticed while building the web site)

On Jan 19, James A. Treacy wrote:
> I was just thinking we need to break that page up. I knew it took
> a long time to build, but didn't realize it was gobbling up memory.
> (of course the load on master was around 8).
> Sees, do you have any suggestions on how we break this up?
> The simplest would be one page per country. Or should we
> do it more by geographical area and just define the areas
> to cover a reasonable number of vendors? For example (not
> at all based on reality) Eastern US, Western US, Canada,
> Northern Europe, Southern Europe, etc.

Those regions seem awfully small, at least in terms of North America.
Maybe we should just be less descriptive about the vendors' offerings,
or perhaps migrate to a CGI that people can use to narrow down their
choices (i.e. "I want to see vendors in Europe who sell Sparc CDs and
allow donations to Debian").

But, on the other hand, the vendor page shouldn't be all that big; it
sounds like wml has some serious memory leaks or something.

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