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Re: New CD vendor in Norway!

Espen Vestre said:
> We are the biggest Linux store in Norway and we sell a lot of Debian official
> distributions and cheap CDs. We are not new on the market, but we have not got
> our name on your "CD vendors page". If you could do so, we would be very
> pleased!. You can check us out on: 
> www.linuxbutikken.no

Can you tell me the difference between you guys and this entry?

   Vendor: LiNUX Butikken
   URL: http://www.xperiment.net/
   Allows Contribution to Debian: No Country: Norway
   Ship International: No
   email: cosmic@xperiment.net
   CD Type: Official CD

Or is this you and you just didn't tell me your change of email and web

> PS: Thank you for a great Linux distribution and your hard work!
Well you could always change that "Allows Contribution" line to

  - Craig

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