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Adding more content to Debian

	I would like to include in the server a new tool for looking for
packages but more "user oriented" than packages.debian.org. A proof of
concept can be found on a new package I will not yet upload to debian and is
called 'dpkg-search' (find it in

	My idea is to use the Bag of Words library (libbow) included in
Debian to allow for a more "AI-oriented" search. The bow library allows use
of multiple statistic techniches to generate a database of vector oriented
documents thus allowing for searchs phrased in natural language.

	This a way, a user in Debian web site would be able to look for a
particular kind of software (for example "multiplayer games for X") and
receive and ordered by probabylity list of packages that might suit his

	Currently my proof of concept only uses the description field of
packages (/var/lib/dpkg/available) but I want it to make use of also
available documentations (readme files, html guides...)

	¿Is this of use in the Debian web site? 
	¿ How does packages.debian.org currently work?

	Best regards


PD: I hope this proposal receives more feedback than my latest

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