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Re: WordNet entry correction

On Tue, Jan 18, 2000 at 01:13:50PM -0500, Randee Tengi wrote:
> As the person responsible for the distribution of WordNet, I am reporting
> an error in your Web page description of the package.  The incorrect
> information is found on:
> http://www.debian.org/Packages/stable/text/wordnet.html
I am forwarding this to the package maintainer. He is responsible for the
content that is shown on the web page.

> Part of the following description from your Web page is incorrect:
> WordNet is a lexical reference system based on Murray's Oxford English
> Dictionary (1928). Word forms in WordNet are represented in their familiar
> orthography; word meanings are represented by synonym sets (synset) -
> lists of synonymous word forms that are interchangeable in some context.
> Two kinds of relations are recognized: lexical and semantic.
> WordNet is NOT based on Murray's OED. I have no idea where that
> information came from, but it is completely wrong.  WordNet was developed
> indpendent of any other dictionary.  Various word lists were used to begin
> the project - lists of currencies, countries, adjectives, etc., and has
> grown from there into a full-fledged dictionary/thesaurus/reference of
> it's own, covering about all the entries found in a good, desk-sized,
> collegiate dictionary.
> Please remove the reference to the OED from your Web site and any other
> Debian docuemntation.
> I also don't understand the name given to the package: wordnet 1.6-5.  
> The release is WordNet 1.6.  We don't have any '-' suffixes.  The next
> release, if there is one, will either be WordNet 1.7, or WordNet 2.
Everything after the '-' corresponds to the version of the Debian package
for the upstream version 1.6. This makes it possible to release multiple
versions for a single upstream source. For example, when the maintainer
corrects this, the version number will be 1.6-6.

> ps - If possible, could you put in a link to our Web site?  From there,
> users can get a lot more information about WordNet, alternative
> interfaces, our user group, etc.  The URL is
> http://www.cogsci.princeton.edu/~wn/
Note for the package maintainer: if you include a URL in the description
it will be automatically marked up when the web page is created.

James (Jay) Treacy

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