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Compuclick Ltda - Debian Vendor Page

  I am the webmaster that maintains the Debian Vendors Page at

I have noticed on your site that you do not mention anything at all
about Debian or even Linux.  I'm not sure if this is a permanent
arrangement or not but until then I have commented out your entry on
that page.

If your page does change, please let me know at webmaster@debian.org
Remember to include a URL that describes what Debian you sell.

 - Craig
 1/Xth Debian webmaster
Craig Small VK2XLZ, PGP: AD 8D D8 63 6E BF C3 C7  47 41 B1 A2 1F 46 EC 90
Eye-Net Consulting http://www.eye-net.com.au/     <csmall@eye-net.com.au>
MIEEE <csmall@ieee.org>              Debian developer <csmall@debian.org>

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