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Re: MetroStar Systems

Pirooz Javan said:
> We would like to request your company_s permission to use information
> from your web site in order to accomplish our task. It is evident how
> your company will benefit from agreeing to participate in this project.
> This web site is surely going to be one that is widely used by Linux
> users. Therefore, granting us permission to use your information will
> bring your web site many more hits daily, and Linux users will have more
> exposure to your products. In addition, this search engine will make the
> Linux Operating System more well known and popular amongst those not as
> familiar with it currently; one of our goals is to make it much more
> prevalent.

Please understand that Debian is an organisation not a company.  I'm
not sure what you mean by "use your information".  Please read
http://www.debian.org/license to see if that is sufficient.

  - Craig

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