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Re: FW: Cainux - Debian Vendors Page

Scott Fraser said:
> The "official" site will be going live on March 1, 2000. At that time I will ask
> you if you prefer to link directly to our debian page
> (http://cainux.com/debian.html) or to our main page. It's your choice. At
> present we haven't got any pages that are live expect the front one live.
We have both now.  The "front" one which is you and the "Debian" one
which is a page about the Debian CD or the pricelist or something so if
someone saw it they would say "ah they do sell Debian CDs".

> Do you need pricing/how-to-order info for your page?
No, none of that.

> Also I had emailed you a
> while back about mirroring the entire Debian site and just want to let you know
> that we are still interested. Having talked it over with our staff, we have
> decided that depending on the amount of space and bandwidth that mirroring the
> site will require, that we are prepared to dedicate a server just to Debian.
Hmm, I though I replied about that.  Sorry;  Have a look at
http://www.debian.org/mirror for mirroring information and you can email
mirrors@debian.org to talk to the mirror guys. 

> Onto other fun news. We now have a company profile. We are happy to shoot it
> your way. We also are about to start our "corporate" sponsorship program in
> Canada. With this we hope to support Open Source projects by donating
> cash/software/hardware/etc. Please let us know what needs Debian has that we may
> be able to help with. I will tell you up front that initially the contributions
> will be small, but in time will grow.
It's ok we don't need anything like that.  My main concern is that if
someone goes to the vendor's site they can get information about
ordering a CD from some group (no 404's or email bounces etc).

> On another note. We are in the process of raising an additional $2,000,000.00
> CDN in capital in the next couple of months. Due to conflict of interests, we
> have had to turn down a number of people that work with Linux commercial
> software/hardware vendors. If you know of anyone who may be interested please
> let us know. As a follow up to that, we have set aside 1/5 of our company shares
> that are only available to companies/individuals within the Linux/Open Source
> community. The Debian Project has been nominated to have a number of shares
> donated to them. My question is, how the heck do we handle the paperwork side of
> that???
Err, you *really* need to talk to SPI Inc.  They are our financial
group.  Have a look at http://www.spi-inc.org/  I live in Australia and
have no idea about American or Canadian legals or financial laws (except
you guys have lots of GSTs).

So after all that, to be consistent I am keeping a placemarker for you
but won't put you back into the list until you're ready to go.  That way
sounds fair to me.

  - Craig

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