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/var/state or /var/lock ? Re: debian & UPS support Re: /var/state or /var/lock ? Re: debian & UPS support @ifinfo handling by makeinfo vs. texi2html [Sponsor] A list of people looking for sponsor on the web ! apt-pkg, etc .. Bladeenc Re: Bug#37573: wmaker cannot save state The case of the mislabeled package maintainer (Was: New Maintainer Required for ...) Curses postgresql conflicts with ncurses. CVS and upstream source debian & UPS support Debian revision nos debian supported PGP stuff debian version numbers for future-maintainers Re: Depenency Bugs in Debian Packages (long) Directory 'foo' not empty, so not removed dpkg "dry-run" mode? dpkg-genchanges gets confused with version numbers e2compr packages up for sponsorship Error in compiling package in POTATO First Package help!! Include me ispell ready for your review/upload Re: ITP: VoodooTracker Lintian and manpage for X app Maintainers not yet registered can announce their apt sources multiple binary package - please help multiple binary packages (again) Need help with shlibs.local New kernel olderdebian box Re: Package for sponsorship: hpack package uploading packaging quesiton about programs that include an .a libs Packaging questions (cricket) problem : compiling apache modul Request for sponsor or NMU Sponsor ... symlink in /etc/init.d directory things broke when I went to dpkg-dev Re: upstream author == debian maintainer Upstream Source Wannabe maintainer looking for help. WAOT: ZModem whom should I file a bug report against? Re: re-worded(newbie) Need help on Static IP The last update was on 06:13 GMT Sat May 11. There are 136 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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