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multiple binary packages (again)

i'm trying to package curl. curl is tool to download anything from
the net in all sort of ways (http, ftp, gopher, https). it comes
also with ssl support, i can tell it to compile ssl support by a switch
after ./configure.

in order to get both version i have to configure/make sources (for
plain version), save somewhere plain binary and clean reconfigure/remake
all (for ssl flavour).

well, multiple binary packages support goes well when with a build you 
get all you need to make all binary packages. 

debstd (i hate it, it is stupid) wants to debianize all packages you are
building *at once*. so when i build the first binary package (say the
plain one) it tryes to debianize also the ssl one (which i have not
even built yet!).

  i think debstd would be more friendly if it could care about a
  package at time, wouldn't it?

moreover, dpkg-buildpackage wants to do "make build" and then "make
binary". i can build a curl flavour at time. to do a binary package i
must to have just built that flavour. i can't make both of them and then
pack them. unless i have to copy all the source tree somewhere and
proceed to parallel work. 


have i to do a source packages for each flawour of curl? it sounds dull
to me.

any help is welcome to me


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