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Re: multiple binary packages (again)

On Sat, 14 Aug 1999, Gopal Narayanan wrote:

> Curl is already packaged and available for potato. If you are
> packaging this for your own edification, you can take a look at this
> package to see how it was done. 
> http://www.debian.org/Packages/unstable/non-us/curl.html
i know, i took over the actual maintainer, Leon Breedt. 
i'm not a debian devel yet...

he did only ssl version, i want to do both.

by the way, upstream maintainer says curl-ssl was based upon ssleay. now
he wants change to openssl. actually curl can be compiled with both, in
the future support will be granted only for openssl. i can't compile it
neither with ssleay nor openssl. i have to install libssl package. i'm
not understanding the point.
openssl package is installed but dpkg-shlibdeps says my binary is
dynamically linked against libssl again. what a mess with theese
libraries, shouldn't be them all mutually exclusive?

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