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New kernel


I've installed a new kernel onto my Linux box! Version 2.3.8. (The old one
was 2.2.8.. if I recall correct) Anyway.. the kernel works.. but when I
bootup, and everything is beeing started like SMB, Sendmail, NIC's, etc,
etc, I get lots of messages like this:

/boot/System.map incorrect version.

Anybody know how to solve this problem? The same things happends when
everything is beeing terminated (when I want to reboot)


Why Linux?
1. In France Linux outsells Windows 98, and it is looking like it may be
true in the USA too, but we do not yet have enough evidence to tell for
2. Linux has a technical superiority that Microsoft just cannot match.
3. Microsoft has taught people to accept crashing computers and loss of
work. There are reports that even early versions of Linux running for more
than 3 years now without ever stopping.

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