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Wannabe maintainer looking for help.

Greetings all.

I have submitted an application for maintainership to the new-maintainers team, but
given the current discussions on debian-devel, I do not expect it to be approved any
time soon.  In the meantime, I would like to practice to get a feel for the
procedures involved in packaging applications, running a development system, etc.

I have downloaded all of the i386 unstable tree, but as main is 1.2 gigs or so, I'm
not sure how to split it up onto CDs to do the installation.  I've heard it's
possible to install the base from slink, and switch to potato after dbootstrap -- is
this accurate?

After I get my potato system set up, I intend to work on packaging gsh
(http://personal.atl.bellsouth.net/atl/v/c/vcato/gsh/).  I will be contacting the
upstream shortly for permission.

Any suggestions for installing potato would be appreciated.

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