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Re: symlink in /etc/init.d directory

Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> $ lintian powstatd_1.1-1_i386.deb
> E: powstatd: unregistered-script-in-etc-init.d /etc/init.d/powerfail
> E: powstatd: unregistered-script-in-etc-init.d /etc/init.d/ups-monitor
> E: powstatd: non-standard-file-permissions-for-etc-init.d-script etc/init.d/ups-monitor 0777 != 0755

You know, I remember seeing this exact problem before.
>From the Lintian override file:

  # Maintainer says this is ok  (ups-monitor is a symlink)
  apcd: unregistered-script-in-etc-init.d /etc/init.d/ups-monitor

(Which version of Lintian are you using?  I thought the problem with the
permissions check was fixed).

> Do I simply ignore the errors?

We can add another override for powstatd, or teach Lintian about the
specialness of ups-monitor.  In fact, it could then also check that
the package Provides and Conflicts with "ups-monitor".

Richard Braakman

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