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Re: whom should I file a bug report against?

> > No packages found matching dephelper.
> > master:~/debian$ 
> > 
> > The subject says it all.

> Hehehe...thanks for some comic relief :)
> /me wonders how many of the 1000s of bugs are of this calibre... :)

OK.  Take it as you wish, but *I* would like to know what version of
packages I work with when I build my own ones.  And such an incosistency
of package directory is vital (not especially regarding master, but all
Debian installations).

Apart from this, someone please shed some light on where can I find a
development machine for unstable that has *all* the latest Debian
development stuffs installed?  Meaning dpkg-dev, dh-make, debhelper,
cvs, cvs-buildpackage, lintian, dupload, pgp, just to mention some.  And
of course the headers and libraries from unstable that one can link


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