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Re: Lintian and manpage for X app

Stephen R. Gore wrote:
> I'm trying to build a package of an X app (sclient), and it doesn't
> have or need a man page (no command line arguments and a GUI help
> system).  I've enabled dh_undocumented in debian/rules.  Lintian still
> barfs with:
> 	E: sclient: binary-without-manpage sclient
> Is this acceptable/normal?  Does a GUI app that uses GUI help need a
> man page regardless?
---end quoted text---

That's what I get for trying to think at 4am..

My apologies to the list for asking such a stupid question.  OF COURSE
it needs a manpage.  This is especially ironic since incomplete and
missing manpages are a pet gripe of mine.  My only (pathetic) defense is
that the package didn't previously have a manpage, and I hadn't researched
the appropriate policy docs.

I have written a manpage for sclient, and am about to attempt converting
it to html (for inclusion in /usr/doc/sclient/html).  I have one problem
still:  dh_installmanpages installs the manpage in /usr/man instead of
/usr/X11R6/man.  I've read man debhelper and man dh_installmanpages, and
have noticed no mention of the correct way to do this.  Could someone
please point me at the appropriate docs?


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