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Re: /var/state or /var/lock ? Re: debian & UPS support

Jozef Hitzinger wrote:

> On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > Think it's a good idea?  This would let powstatd work correctly
> > with UPS unit that don't ignore the kill signal when the power is
> > on.
> That's exactly how smartupstools will handle it. I can't think of a better
> solution.

It turns out that powstatd checks the status again on the serial
line before sending the kill signal, so I _could_ do without
this.  However, it takes 11 seconds to do this, which makes the
`halt' sequence longer by that much.  So I might add the file
touch anyway.

> > What file should I `touch' and then remove?  /var/lock/powstatd or
> > /var/state/powstatd?
> Since /var/state will be gone, I think something like
> /var/lib/<yourpackage>/<markfile> should be ok.

Oh yeah, right.  Thanks.

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