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Need help with shlibs.local


        this is driving me nuts and I want to fix it once and for
 all. wmaker (src) builds several binary packages, among them,
 libwraster1 and libwraster1-dev.  The wmaker packages (wmaker,
 wmaker-gnome and wmaker-kde) all should depends on libwraster1, with
 proper versioning if necessary.  Sometimes that means it should
 depend on the libwraster1 version that is being built, not the one
 installed on the system.  Now, my problem is, everytime I think I got
 this right, I realize it isn't the case.  Do you know of any source
 package in this situation that's got this right?  The last thing I've
 tried is:

 dh_shlibdeps -u-L$(LIBWRASTER_TMP)/DEBIAN/shlibs

 and previously I tried:


 but it ain't working either.


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