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Re: e2compr packages up for sponsorship

From: Peter Moulder <reiter@netspace.net.au>
> Most of the packages up for sponsorship have been around for some
> time (~a year) distributed from the e2compr web pages.  I haven't
> received any bug reports for the Debian packages yet, which suggests
> that they should have relatively low maintenance requirements.
> defrag-e2c

> Version of the `defrag' package modified to support e2compr.
> Diverts e2defrag and e2dump from the `defrag' package.
> http://opensource.captech.com/e2compr/ftp/defrag-e2c-0.73.1-1.1.tar.gz

Does it work with >2GB partitions, with glibc6.1, with kernel 2.2.x
and even on 64 Bit systems? The original defrag fails in all points
and still has bugs on top of that.

I did some fixes and cleanup on the defrag package and have e2dump
64Bit clean and 2GB proff now, but still have some bugs left to
fix. Also the defrag tells me that it can't find inode xxx, where xxx
is way to big (probably a 64 Bit problem in defrag).

May the Source be with you.

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