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Re: things broke when I went to dpkg-dev

* "tony" == tony mancill <tmancill@mancill.com> wrote:

tony> I was able to circumnavigate the problem (perhaps I should have
tony> played with it a little longer before posting), but it still
tony> baffles me.  I was doing my package build with:

tony> dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot

tony> and it was failing.  I invoked dh_gencontrol by itself with
tony> "fakeroot dh_gencontrol" and it produced a debian/files file for
tony> me...  Weird.  Now I cannot reproduce the problem.

Wasn't there a report on -devel today, that fakeroot changed it's
default behaviour?

cv-buildpackage -rfakeroot broke, and Manoj advised to use 
-r"fakeroot --". Maybe this is the same problem with


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