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Re: New kernel

>I've installed a new kernel onto my Linux box! Version 2.3.8. (The old one
>was 2.2.8.. if I recall correct) Anyway.. the kernel works.. but when I
>bootup, and everything is beeing started like SMB, Sendmail, NIC's, etc,
>etc, I get lots of messages like this:

2.2.x kernels are "release" kernels.  2.3.x kernels are "development" kernels. 
In the 2.3.x kernels new features can suddenly appear, and new bugs.
2.3.8 has a particularly bad reputation for losing data from hard drives. I
recommend that you use 2.2.11 unless you really know what you are doing.

>/boot/System.map incorrect version.
>Anybody know how to solve this problem? The same things happends when
>everything is beeing terminated (when I want to reboot)

Make your kernel with "make-kpkg" from the "kernel-package" package and you
won't have this problem.  Using Debian packages of kernels is the best way to
do things.  It's the best thing to hit kernel building since "make menuconfig"!

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