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Re: Bug#37573: wmaker cannot save state

>> "Marcelo E. Magallon" <mmagallo@efis.ucr.ac.cr> writes:

 >  | > rename("/var/tmp/.7J82HT", "/home/pot/GNUstep/Defaults/WMState") = -1 EXDEV
 >  | > (Invalid cross-device link)

 Ok, I fixed a problem in libproplist using tempnam(3) but tempnam
 does this:

               a)     The directory specified by  the  environment
                      variable TMPDIR, if it is writable.

               b)     The directory specified by the argument dir,
                      if it is not NULL.

 I want b), not a).  How do I fix this?  I guess I can dig libc,
 extract tmpnam, remove a), and be done with it, but this is very
 ugly.  The other option is something like this:

        tmpdir = strdup(getenv("TMPDIR"));
        tempnam (my_dir, "some_prefix");
        setenv("TMPDIR", tmpdir, 1);

 not really elegant either, but cleaner than the other option I guess.
 (btw, do I have to use strdup here? from getenv(3) I don't understand
 if it's safe or not to use the pointer it returns)



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