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Re: Upstream Source

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 01:05:52PM +1200, Michael Beattie wrote:
> I posted earlier, but I believe my ISP is having mail server problems...
> I maintain pgp4pine, and The upstream maintainer has changed the path
> within the .tar.gz file,
> from: pgp4pine/
> to:   home/user/progs/pgp4pine/temp/
> how do I compensate for this?
> He has just moved to rcs for control, I have no experience with it, is
> this an offshot of that? Is it likely to be permanent?

Compensate before or after you shoot him for doing something so completely
stupid?  =p

Ignore RCS, it just includes a bunch of ,v files in the distribution which
you don't need, ignore it.

Coping with the problem can be done two ways, which one depends on a few

1. Unpack and repact the tarball.  dirty but sometimes cleaner than
anything else you can do...

2. if there's a $(MAKE) involved, just add "-C user/progs/pgp4pine/temp"
if it's just copying files, well, do the same.  note that the home/ is
gone since that's the dir your debian dir goes into.  there's no
requirement that you rename this to pgp4pine-version, but you probably
should just to save your sanity.  it's not required by dpkg-srouce though
and you won't have to change this in the tarball.

In the case of quake (which requires I unpack an rpm anyway) it's easier
to just junk the paths to make the rules file cleaner.  Otherwise I'd say
if it's not too painful to make debian/rules deal with it, pristine source
should probably win out over a little frustration.

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